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Hello! My name is Steph. I am a Marketing major graduate and I'm currently in Sales. It pay my bills. Currently living alone to explore and discover life on my own.

I went on a HIATUS for more than one year and now, I am so back in the business.

Pobi Korean Restaurant

Pobi Korean Restaurant.

Our Korean classmate, Jong-Ryoun Park treated us after our Total Quality Management class into a Korean restaurant yesterday. The restaurant is just few steps away from the main university which is located in front of the FEU R. Papa Gym. We didn’t plan to eat here (we just want to eat street foods at the hepa lane, actually!) but he insisted to treat us he said that it’s his “surprise” and “advance” Christmas gift for us. Hahaha :P

I ate a lot of Kimchi and the “sushi”. I almost ate the one with a rice and sunny-side up egg but unfortunately there’s a shrimp on it. The rest, in all honesty, they just taste awful! They even forced me to eat the fish cake with boiled egg and noodles, ugh!!!! Park then told me that it tastes really different from the authentic Korean food.Since this is my first time to eat at a Korean resto, I will not say mean stuff about them because there’s nothing to say despite of the foods that I cannot understand the taste. I am really disappointed with the taste but I am still thankful to Park for doing this. Kamsehamnida! :-)

This post will also serve as an entry about our last school day for the year 2011. I must say that I need to put more effort when it comes to studying next year especially on our DevEnt I aka Feasibility Studies  I class. We screwed up on our preliminary defense and we to have start all over again.*sigh* Anyway, today, my Christmas vacation officially started. I will go home to our province tomorrow. Unfortunately, some of my professors bombarded us with tons of projects to do during our vacation. Magbabakasyon ba talaga kami?!  HAHAHAHA! =)) And to end this post, here are some of our photos taken before and after we eat.


December 12, 2011
December 6, 2011
December 2, 2011
November 27, 2011
November 26, 2011
November 24, 2011
Xian Lim went to our school today as the main celebrity guest of IABF Concert. I was lucky enough to see him up close and I was able to hold his hand hihi *kiligvibesallovermybody* 

Xian Lim went to our school today as the main celebrity guest of IABF Concert. I was lucky enough to see him up close and I was able to hold his hand hihi *kiligvibesallovermybody* 

November 18, 2011
November 13, 2011

World’s new seven wonders of the world

1. Argentina’s Iguazo Falls.

Photo by Michael Anderson.

2. Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

Photo by Just-Rachel.

3. Indonesia’s Coral Reef in Komodo Island.

Photo by Dilip R.

4. South Korea’s Jeju Island.

Photo by Minh.

5. Puerto Prinsesa, Philippines’ Underground River

Photo Credit

6. Peru’s Manu Biosphere Reserve

Photo by Kyle Hammons.

7. South Africa’s Capetown

Photo by Juuso Piipponen


Blueberry Cheesecake from Don Raba Coffee Shop at Alaminos City, Pangasinan. (Photo was taken by Sherica though and that’s her cake too. But we both have the same cake. Hihi)

Special Halo-Halo, Pancit Lucban and Sizzling Squid Terriyaki with vegetables all from Buddy’s Timog.

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